For every product we supply, we also provide a range of services. These include design, advisory, installation and maintenance services.


Value Recovery
We help you recover value for your end-of-term or redundant electronic goods

Reverse Logistics
We provide secure packaging and removal logistics countrywide

Data Destruction
We offer extensive services including data and device destruction and asset management

We ensure responsible eWaste disposal, compliant data removal and issue all compliant certifications. IT Asset Disposal should be compliant with relevant legislation.

  • POPI – (Protection of Personal Information Act) requires the complete erasure of personal data from storage devices
  • NEWMA – (National Environmental Management: Waste Act, 2008) requires the proper disposal of hazardous materials
  • Financial and Taxation legislations require the proper recording of asset disposal

Penalties have been tabled which include up to R10m in fines and heavy jail terms for company directors for non-compliance

Data Erasure
All data is erased using software that meets the requirements of the US Department of Defense international standards (US DoD 5220.22-M). Secure removal of data allows drives to be re-used, a more environmentally sustainable solution. Drives which are damaged or faulty in any way are destroyed and stripped for recycling. A certificate of data destruction is issued.

Environmental Disposal
It is essential that a compliant disposal process is used. Some collectors of e-Waste are known to strip out valuable components and dump the hazardous material at municipal dumps. Serial numbers and asset tags are often traceable which could result in heavy penalties for companies and their directors.

We provide an audited end-to-end process for the disposal of assets, and issue all relevant Certificates of Compliance.


Increased connectivity, BYIOD and IOT increasingly exposes
companies to cyber intrusions. The implementation of POPI
also exposes companies to potentially damaging claims.
Effective and well-manged Cyber-Security is essential to
every business

We offer the following services:

  • Design
  • Compliance Auditing
  • Architecture and Analysis
  • Integration and compatibility
  • Forensics
  • Performance Testing
  • Migration
  • Knowledge Transfer


The Golden rule of Business: if it appreciates…buy it, but if it depreciates finance it!

Why buy non-core equipment when you can rent instead and better utilise your cash in your business?
You benefit from using assets and equipment, not owning them. Having the latest technology and equipment is an important part of staying competitive, but it can be an expensive struggle to keep up all the time. Storing all the old equipment can be a pain as well.
Renting enables you to enjoy full, uninterrupted use of the equipment and then to simply replace or upgrade it when the agreement comes to an end.

Rental Agreements
Rental agreements provide clients with uninterrupted use of the equipment, rather than ownership of the equipment. You also have the option to take ownership.


  • Repayment periods range from 12 to 60 months for Tax-Based customers and companies
  • Interest rates are either linked to Prime or fixed for a period
  • VAT is NOT capitalised and does not form part of the original debt. VAT is paid on the value of each month’s rental payment
  • Residual Values (RV) may be negotiated and are subject to credit approval
  • All equipment rented must be comprehensively insured during the term of the agreement


  • Falls inside OPEX budgets of companies and not CAPEX budgets
  • Clients are able to enjoy the usage of expensive equipment
  • Ownership of the equipment does not pass to the Client at the end of the rental term.
  • The repayment period can be structured to suit the needs of the Client
  • Monthly payments are TAX deductible

Best Suited For:

  • Businesses using equipment who don’t want a depreciating asset on their books
  • Tax-Based clients
  • Companies & Corporates


Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC). These three functions are often combined into one system in modern buildings. Like many types of technology, they can be managed and optimised for greater efficiency and cost-control. Legends IT advises, installs, manages and maintains HVAC systems.

We exclusively make use of Samsung equipment. This complies with our requirements of only utilising cutting-edge technology which is well-supported by the OEM locally. Major sites include several projects at Sun City amongst others.


We have a long tradition in MPS, having designed and implemented some of the largest MPS sites in the country.
Allow us to buy back your existing fleet for cash, and then manage it and pass the guaranteed savings back to you.

Concentrate on your core business, while we take care of your printing costs


Drive Efficiency and free up Capital. Let us help you concentrate on what is really important to your business.


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